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Fashion has no rules or boundaries

Fashion has no rules or boundaries and this translates as, some black women can literally walk the street wearing close to nothing, showing every detail of their coochie to their bum—and interestingly, the stars in Africa and other part of the world perpetuate this…

On Friday, it emerged that Danièle Watts, an African-American actress who played Coco in Django Unchained was on Thursday arrested and detained by police in Los Angeles who suspected she was a prostitute—but she was not hooker-ly dressed.

It surely seems like it has become a crime for a black woman to kiss her partner, if we decide to take her account only into consideration. After all, she was doing nothing bad as she narrated. The only thing which could have made the police think this way of her was the fact that she kissed her white husband—others say.

I’ve seen photos of what she was wearing (one above & below) and she was pretty decent—but the truth is, the police do not want to let go a lot as many of the hookers have changed the rules of the game, dressing a little more respectable and hanging around some highly expensive areas—soliciting for clients.

I do not agree with the police’s arrest and detention of Danièle Watts—a situation which the police later said, there was no records of it, because she was not brought to the station or booked. But what I do agree with is; some black women need to throw away their mirrors and buy new ones because they come up as prostitutes anytime some of us walk pass them.

The Law is pretty loose on dressing, with indecent exposure being tightly fixed in a box—as such, black women continue to make a fool out of themselves, dressing mostly as if they are high on some cheap cocaine, even if they are attending a respected event or if they are respected persons.

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